Beeemail : Web App Design

Email Marketing continues to be one essential form of advertisement for all industries. Beeemail was created to make life easier for email marketers.


Web / Browser-based Application. Find it here.


Logo Design, Market Research, Wireframe, User Interface Design

Project Background

With personalization and standardization as its two key techniques, email marketing has become a complete game changer in the advertisement industry. Thus, we have curated different types of emails to be used as a daily inspiration for email marketers out there.

Truth be told, email marketing can be very tedious and complicated if you want to do it right. Email marketers have to overcome a number of challenges before coming to the right way to make their strategies work. I have my own first hand experience myself in designing marketing email. That’s why we created this platform so that the experience of finding good email newsletter design would be hassle-free and accessible for all.

Logo Design

Before getting into each of the detailed design features. I would like to share a little bit about our logo creation process.

We would like to incorporate the word ‘mail’ with something fun, so we came up with the animal ‘bee’ which later became ‘beee’. So, for the logo we went with different alternatives that can show those two things. Here is our final logo, which also represents the brand’s fun and simple value.

Product Features & Design

Since, this is our very first version to be launched to public, there are still a lot of improvements coming in our way. Nevertheless, here are some of the key design features of the product and some thoughts behind them.

Email Feed Page

This is basically our main screen to be displayed to the user when they arrive at the first time to our platform. As you would expect, the page’s intention is no other than to showcase our libraries of thousands of the best email marketing practices.

The emails page is built with the simple intention to only show our main product function, which is to be the ultimate email marketing library and  help users find inspiration for their next emails. We also displayed different size for each emails thumbnails so that the user interface more dynamic and efficient.

Email Details

Based on our research, email marketers have difficulties in finding similar email categories with what they’re currently searching for. That’s why we put the hastags recommendation at the side of each emails as a way for users to find similar emails containing the same tags.

Furthermore, it’s always a pain to write and code all over again to get the email design we wanted. We want to make it easier for email marketing developers to copy email design out there with the ability to View Code and copy the parts you need directly from our platform.

Companies Page

There are thousands of amazing companies out there with also amazing marketing emails that email marketers want to discover and find inspiration from. Even though for now, we only have hundreds instead of thousands in our database, we’re expanding our reach soon. However, there is more important problem for users where they want to find specific type of companies when searching throughout our platform. In order to simplify the uexperience of selecting specific categories of companies, we have added the function to filter company categories right from the side left bar of the companies page. Each of the categories have been curated by our teams to ensure you can find the companies you love in a matter of second.

Search Combination

Last but not least, this is one of the most complicated feature we developed for the platform, which has to be the search mechanism. As I mentioned befroe, the fact that there are hundreds of emails in our platform with various different email types and contents make it really hard to discover what marketers want exactly.
Dealing with this situation, we made it possible for the users to combine different type of search conditions such as hashtags, company name, and even more possibilities through the company categories filter I described in previous section.


This is the first web app product that I designed, so there were a lot of differences I learned when designing for desktop platforms compare to mobile platform. Furthermore, Beeemail product features are relatively new in the market and it’s not that easy to find best practices of showing email gallery for example. However, the team I worked with in this product have been so cooperative from the research phase until the development of the UX and UI side of the design process. The product is no live, and we’re still improving a lot of aspects from the sites, we hope that this can really be useful for email creatives out there looking for inspiration.